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Friday, January 9, 2009

My Favorite Websites For Make Up.

Heyy Everyone!

I wanted to share with you guys my favorite places to shop on online for make up. Some of these websites have cheap make up products that work really well so I hope that you guys check them out and find some things that you like.

* they have very good lip glosses for cheap and they have them in a varity of colors.

* they sell the colorful make up pallets that are about $25 dollars and there are soooo many colors to chooses from. This pallete is very good for those of you who are starting out with make up.

* they have the most prettiest pigments and they all work great. they also have very pretty eyeshadows that are the like the mineralized eyeshadows from MAC thats are better than MAC..i think.

* i absolutly love NYX products. they are the best if i could but all of them i will. lol...i think i just might do that lol.

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